This Crazy Guy Does a Motorcycle Ski Jump!

motorcycle ski jump

When it comes to jumping a motorcycle we all want the jump to be bigger and better then the last! Like maybe a motorcycle ski jump! These days with the advancements in bike technology the simple motorcycle jump days are over and don’t get me wrong i’m not saying those jumps where easy but actually probably more difficult and painful. Most of the time the riders ended up crashing the bike and ended up usually breaking a few bones.

Look at Evel Knievel, Here’s a guy who broke every bone in his body through out his motorcycle stunt career. To top it all off he would jump over cars and buses riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle! If that’s not pretty insane I don’t know what is? But like I was saying before the technology of these bikes today are making the once impossible possible. The riders also have better protective gear to wear and the physical training they put themselves through is pretty intense. So lets rock this motorcycle ski jump!

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