Pink Dirt Bike Senior Prank

We all have done some pretty crazy stuff in high school especially before graduation. It looks to me that Austin Campbell pulled off a pretty sick graduation prank with his his Dirt Bike. Not everybody has what it takes to pull of a prank that you know damn well you’re going to get caught and even make the evening news in your town. But that is just what Austin did and he does it in true Motorcycle Goons fashion. Austin we salute you fellow Motorcycle Goon!

Riding down the halls of your local High School before Senior Graduation is priceless! I’m sure his parents weren’t so happy that were not able to attend their son’s graduation but they will never forget it either that will be a story told in that family and town for many many years to come. That’s the kind of story you don’t want your father or mother telling your son when he’s in high school getting ready for his graduation.

But you know as well as I do that’s how it will go down. Austin Campbell is lucky to have some good friends to help make this happen for because they also got suspended from attending graduation. The best Senior Dirt Bike Prank award hands down goes to Austin Campbell and his buddies!

Let us know in the comments below if you think Austin and his friends nailed for their Senior prank?

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