The Bike You SHOULD Have Gotten…

The last words you want to say after spending a wad of cash on a bike. The difficult part is deciding which motorcycle you are going to commit to. I use the word ‘commit’ because it is one of ‘those’ decisions, one that you will be stuck with for a while. Choose wisely, Padawan, you don’t want to be stuck riding regret instead of your sweet new ride.

First, you have to decide what TYPE of motorcycle you want. Do you want a touring bike, sportbike, sport tourers, cruisers, multi purpose, a standard bike, or what? A sportbike wouldn’t work well if you are looking for something that you want to take long trips on, relax and take in the scenery as it flies by. Tourers are also good for putting hundreds of miles down a day, and still saving your derriere from taking a beating because of it.

Trying to make your body fit the bike is the worst way to approach this. It’s like thinking you can change someone simply by loving them more. That doesn’t work in life or relationships, and it won’t work with your bike, either. Like how it feels from the beginning and don’t compromise your standards. Still talking about the bike.

Also, liking a bike and finding a bike that fits your body is only half of the decision that you’ve got to make. How strong and fast do you need this bike to be? Too much power to weight for someone who doesn’t have much experience riding a bike means that the bike will ride you, not the other way around.

Customize Your Bike
It is possible to custom make your own bike, just making some basic modifications while you’re at the dealership. First, switches can be moved. If you find that they aren’t in easy reach of your fingertips, then you can loosen the hardware, rotate them around, or pull them closer. The front brakes and clutches need to also be easy to reach and most bikes allow for rotation or adjustments to be made. There are also companies that make extender packs that can be placed on the handlebars to make things better for you.

Speaking of handlebars, they come in as many sizes, shapes, and designs as hairstyles on women. The options are almost limitless. A change in the height or span of the bars might solve any problems that you are experiencing with a bike that you otherwise really like. Just keep in mind that messing with the handlebars can cause you issues in the long run if you have to push the sucker.

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