The Future of Electric Sport Bike Racing…

With advancements in Battery technology electric vehicles have started to become more of a everyday reality then to the occasional one you see at shows or on the news. Now with big players like Tesla and the Audi E-Tron building super fast electric vehicles for the track is here to stay. So what about electric sport bike racing? Well I have to say it’s here and growing. Thanks to people like Harlan Flagg, Brandon Nozaki-Miller and Jeff Clark. They bringing us into a new era of motorcycle racing.

Pikes Peak is no easy feat. The course is very challenging not only for the bike but the rider as well with constant climb and tight turns and the high altitude you better bring your a-game. The one big advantage the electric bike is unlike the gasoline powered motor it is not affected by the thinning air of the climb.
The world of racing is ever changing and this is a good thing if you ask me. Zero motorcycles have become a permanent fixture in the motorcycle world and will probably be here to stay for a long time.
with new lines coming out especially the Zero Military. Imagine the perfect bike to take in the woods to go hunting no noise no exhaust fumes you would be able to ride right up to your tree stand without worrying about scaring your pray for miles.
Zero Motorcycles has you covered from the asphalt to the dirt and now with the help of Harlan Flagg, Brandon Nozaki-Miller and Jeff Clark the race track as well.
The future is here with E-Bikes and it looks like its here to stay. what do you think let us know in the comments below.

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