Top 10 Coolest Star Wars Motorcycle Gear

Due to the trailer releases of Star Wars Battlefront and the new Force Awakens trailer, we present to you the top 10 star wars themed bike gear. Check out the list below the trailers below.

Watch Movie Trailer Here:
The Force Awakens

Watch Game Trailer Here:
Star Wars Battlefront Game

10) Stormtrooper Motorcycle Suit

motorcycle suit

Your gear might be cool, but is it Stormtrooper suit cool? This suit made by UD Replicas retailed at $1,276. They also have a Shadowtrooper version available. Unfortunately, the helmet displayed does not meet any security standards and is not included. However, you can find some awesome custom-made Stormtrooper helmets that are street legal to match your outfit. Check this one out.

9) Boba Fett Airbrushed Helmet

bobaAre you a Boba Fett fan? Than you might just need this helmet. It retails for $649 at AirGraffix. Since it is airbrushed, it is entirely street legal.

8) Stormtrooper Leather Motorcycle Jacket

stormtrooper leather

Do you like the Stormtrooper look but don’t want to commit to that $1,276 Stormtrooper suit? This leather jacket might be a better option for you. It is available at ThinkGeek for the sale price of $299.99, but is valued at $499.99.

7) X-Wing Fighter Airbrushed Helmet

xwingDon’t wanna be a part of the Empire? Never fear! You can find this airbrushed X-wing Fighter helmet for $748 at AirGraffix. You’ll feel like you’re fighting the good fight with the Rebel Alliance every time you go for a ride.

6) Darth Maul Leather Jacket

darth maul

This Darth Maul leather jacket is available for the sale price of $189.99 at UltimoFashions, though it usually retails for $249.99. This is a must for all Darth Maul fans.

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